From Ecstasy to Rapture. 50 Years of Alternative Spanish Film

19 may, 2010 - 28 may, 2010
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Antoni Pinent
Iván Zulueta. Arrebato, 1980
Iván Zulueta. Arrebato, 1980

The programme Documents/Itineraries opened the series with Fuego en Castilla (1958-1960) by José Val del Omar (Granada, 1904-Madrid, 1982), one of the most important figures in Spanish film. The session concluded with works by Gabriel Blanco (Cadiz, 1936-1991), Benet Rossell (Lerida, 1937) and Antoni Miralda (Tarrasa, 1942), José Luis Guerín (Barcelona, 1960) and Virginia García del Pino (Barcelona, 1966).

The cult classic Arrebato (1979), directed by Iván Zulueta (San Sebastian, 1943-2009), was included in the series to introduce the world to a masterpiece that is one of the most hypnotic films of all time, loaded with mysticism and open to numerous readings.

Animated Experiments: rhythm, light and colour looks at different periods from the history of experimental animated film in Spain, from pure abstraction to narrative. …Ere erera baleibu izik aruaren…, a nonsense phrase, is the title of the first and only full-length animated feature in the history of Spanish cinema, a film entirely hand painted using animation techniques without a camera. Jose Antonio Sistiaga (San Sebastian, 1932) used 35 mm celluloid film as his canvas, applying paint directly to the film.

Investigations/Metafilm invites viewers to reflect on the essence of film in its different manifestations from cinematic essays to blank screen, passing through a dialogue with dance, performance art, photography and poetry.

The programme Appropriations/Great Super 8 sets up a conversation between the generation of filmmakers who tried to break into experimental film from the avant-garde in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia during the 1970s and the new crop appearing at the dawn of the 21st century.

In addition to this retrospective of Spanish experimental film, the programme offers a chance to meet the artist Toni Serra (Barcelona, 1960) - whose film Minnesota 1943 (1995) is included in the series - with a presentation of his recent works, which explore the idea of trance and the reality of dreams.


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