Enlace-31. Irit Batsry

23 april, 2007
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Irit Batsry. Giacometti's Scale, 1996
Irit Batsry. Giacometti's Scale, 1996

is screening a selection of her videos, including The Roman Wars (1983) and Scale (1995), fragments of Passage to Utopia (1986-1993) and These Are Not My Images (neither there nor here) (2000) and pieces from the installations ...of Persistence of Absence (1991), The Years My Friends Lost Their Voice (1996) and Through the Looking (2006), among others. Batsry investigates individual and group memory in such a way that perception, technology and the imagination represent and transform reality. In the words of Roberta Smith, the artist, who “operates in the gap between fiction and documentary,” produces “a complexity that is as psychological as it is painterly, as literary as it is spatial. She displays an unusual ability to draw rich pictorial, symbolic and poetic resonances from the nuts and bolts of filmmaking and she shows a sure grasp of the inextricable unity of form and content, or structure and meaning, that is scarce in contemporary art.”

Irit Batsry has exhibited in art venues and museums around the world, including the Jeu de Paume (Paris), which in 2006 organised a retrospective of her videos. In 2001 she was part of the programme Film and Almost Film at the Museo Reina Sofía.