The Forgotten Space. A film essay by Allan Sekula and Noel Bürch

4 may, 2011 - 5 may, 2011
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Allan Sekula. The Forgotten Space, 2010
Allan Sekula. The Forgotten Space, 2010

Film theorist Noël Burch and artist Allan Sekula show in this essayistic documentary the world of international commerce and the social relationships established by work in this undefined territory. Travelling from Bilbao to Rotterdam, from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, using a combination of descriptive documentary, archival research, audiovisual reediting and interviews, this journey uncovers today's maritime economy and gives viewers a glimpse at the complexity of the contemporary world. 
The day after the screening there is a conversation between the two filmmakers.

About the participants:

Noël Burch is an important film theorist, the author of Theory of Film Practice (1970) and The Infinite Skylight (1987). Also a filmmaker, he has directed over twenty films, mostly documentaries. 

Allan Sekula is an artist and a photography theorist interested primarily in the documentary aspects of photography and its relationship with archives. His work, in film sequences, written texts or slide shows, often deals with how to reformulate social images in today's world. The Forgotten Space is a sequel to the photo series Fish Story.