Visionaries - Audiovisual Works in Latin America

18 may, 2009 - 15 june, 2009
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Glauber Rocha. O Patio, 1958
Glauber Rocha. O Patio, 1958

The section Paradigms of Experimental Production includes films made using widescreen and non-standard formats that expressly manifest their intention to break formally and thematically with the rules and stereotypes established by the international audiovisual market.

Tales at the Border offers eight perspectives on the relationship between video and audiovisual media and their narrative potential in a public or private context during the first decade of the 21st century.

Altered States presents a series of works under that title that document political, social and historical statements made in a variety of lands and cultures, from the warm Caribbean regions to the light-filled terrain of the Andean highlands.

The videos included in No Zapping hook their viewers with their slow pace, demanding their active participation. The process of visualisation then ceases to be mere testimony to the succession of images and becomes an invitation to submerge oneself in the screen and dive into its depths.

Audiovisual Tropics offers a heterogeneous selection of contemporary Brazilian works. The videos share some key aspects in their orientation: production by artist collectives, performances, an emphasis on technology and poetic subjectivities.

The programme Paradigms of Being Latin presents new outlooks from inside and on the margin of the colonialist perspective of the ‘exotic’ and the enigma of Latin America, its history marked by brutality, its mixed-blood identity, the cultural hybridisation and its future projects.

Machines and Constructs looks at the public and private spheres through creative works that incorporate radical forms. It is a narrative of visions in which the personal (using private diaries as an emblem) is associated with readings of the outside world that are anchored in self-representation.

The works in Public Domain offer disquieting, interpretative compositions on important themes in modern society, investigated using both innovative techniques and the sociological discourse of the classic short film.

Other Convergences presents a panoramic view of recording technology from the camera obscura to screens and mobile telephone cameras.