February – June 2022
Vista de la Sala 103.02. La plaza. La potencia de lo colectivo
View of Room 103.02. The Square. The Power of the Collective

March 8 has become a symbol of protest that flows beyond this date to solidify synergies and feminist, historical and present struggles. For over a century now, this day has condensed and amplified a first basic premise: rights for all women always, every single day. Over the past few decades, the feminist movement has made this demand ever more visible and global, and, from numerous corners, from the past and the present, we aspire to many more 8Ms — every single day. 

The Museo’s public programmes are articulated and interwoven from a series of force lines — proposing a situated practice and a stance taken before issues that raise questions — made visible in the present year via so-called Temporary Intensity Zones (TIZs), a conceptual device which organises and concentrates a time frame of transversal connections in its activities. The 8EMES programme, distinctly feminist, denotes the first of these TIZs and gathers activities, propels cross-overs and articulates perspectives around these force lines from which the Museo works sustainedly. Feminisms permeate at once through the Museo’s programme and Collection — even more significantly after its recent rearrangement — extending the spirit of 8M beyond a stipulated date. Activated by this same idea and driven by an unceasing strength of collective protest, this programme sets forth a film series, encounters, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and gazes towards the Collection, setting out from a diverse and transversal approach.   




Actividad pasada Saturday, 26 March 2022 - Check programme
Driving Evil Away
Closing Encounter

— Activity aimed at people participating in the study groups Driving Evil Away and Embracing Uncertainty. Driving Evil Away II 

In the form of a conclusion, this activity puts forward an in-person re-encounter for people involved in the two past editions of the study group, held in 2020 and 2021. The first group, Driving Away Evil (in Spanish), addressed the pharmacologization of life and the contemporary malaise produced by neoliberal reality, and shared forms of collective and daily resistance. The second, Embracing Uncertainty. Driving Evil Away II, sought to jointly reflect on the ways in which we understand health, healing and care in the current context of the COVID-19 crisis, encouraging a pooling of experiences, emotions and knowledge. The health emergency conditioned the (re)consideration of the format and dynamics of both groups, turning virtuality into the only channel of encounter. This activity came into being with the will to “devirtualise” these groups with an in-person re-encounter as a coda.      

Coordinated by: Equipo re - Anarchivo sida (Nancy Garín and Linda Valdés) and Josune Urrutia

Sabatini Building, Workshops and Garden

30 people


Free, until full capacity is reached, with prior registration by filling out the following form. 

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