Book Night

Plaza Munari and a night-time tour of the Library

Friday, 13 and Saturday, 14 November 2020 - (Check programme)
Nouvel Building, Courtyard and Library

Basurama and Espacios Públicos Informales - Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM)

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Book Night

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Rethinking the Museum

Organized by
Museo Reina Sofía and its Library and Documentation Centre
Bruno Munari, Le macchine de Bruno Munari, 2008
Bruno Munari, Le macchine de Bruno Munari, 2008

The Museo Reina Sofía takes part in the 15th edition of Book Night, an initiative organised by the Community of Madrid to promote reading and grant visibility to the activities of different cultural centres and institutions inside this sphere. On this occasion, the Museo’s Library and Documentation Centre present the project The Library Opened by Munari, which spotlights output aimed at young readers by artist, designer and theorist Bruno Munari. The workshop and tour, however, are also directed at people of any age, and contribute to rethinking the Museo and its zones as public space, encouraging a more active and participatory experience for users and visitors.   


Friday, 13 November 2020 – 5:30pm / Nouvel Building, Courtyard

Plaza Munari

Admission: free, until full capacity is reached
Capacity: 15 people per session, split into 3 groups of 5 people. Sessions every 20 minutes until 8:30pm

Drawing inspiration from Le macchine de Bruno Munari (Bruno Munari’s Machines), this workshop, across three stands, is for building your own useless machine that uses as much energy as possible to create the most trivial activity, using mechanisms, cogs, hammers, ramps, pendulums and any other element that comes to mind.   


Saturday, 14 November 2020 – 7pm / Nouvel Building, Library and Documentation Centre

Night-time tour of the Library and Documentation Centre

Admission: sold out
Capacity: 5 people per tour. Tour times: 7pm, 8pm and 9pm
Length: 1 hour

A tour of the facilities of the Library and Documentation Centre building, including information on the history of the institution, its roles and the services it provides, and the presentation of a selection of highly relevant, contemporary-art-related library and document holdings —printed ephemera, photobooks, artist’s books, old collections, etc. 

Inside the framework of   La Noche de los libros