Situated Voices 11

The Cost of Strawberries. Twenty-first-century Female Slaves

Thursday, 5 March 2020, 6pm
Nouvel Building, Protocol Room

Situated Voices

Inside the framework of:

Feminist Revolt in the Museum

Force line:

Contemporary Disturbances

Organised by:

Museo Situado

Coordinated by:

Red Solidaria de Acogida

With the collaboration of:

Comisión artística Colombine, La Extraña Compañía and La Smorfia Teatro

Red Solidaria de Acogida, El coste de la fresa, 2018
Red Solidaria de Acogida, El coste de la fresa, 2018

In a proposal by Red Solidaria de Acogida (The Refuge Solidarity Network), Museo Situado, a network of collaboration between different collectives from Madrid’s Lavapiés neighbourhood and Museo Reina Sofía, has organised this new edition of Situated Voices as part of the 8 March demonstrations.

The objective is to debate, from multiple positions, different pressing issues in the present — a chance to take time out to listen, gain knowledge and reflect on and understand the situation faced by Moroccan female day labourers, who, hired from their places of origin, arrive in the countryside during the strawberry picking campaigns.

This session sets forth a conversation to work towards understanding and revealing the conditions these people work in, and is broadened through the prism of visual arts, performance and documentary video, setting out to foreground the recognition of these women and make their voices resonate. 


Rahma El Basraoui is a lawyer and intercultural mediator. She is president of the Union of Moroccan Associations in the Community of Valencia and spokesperson for the Platform to Support Female Field Workers.

Fátima Boubkri works professionally in the hotel and catering business and is an activist and member of the team of mothers Dragones de Lavapiés (Lavapiés Dragons). Originally from Morocco, she has spent 16 years in Spain, fighting to give visibility to the difficulties facing the female migrant collective from first-person experience, work she combines with her profession and as a mother who is heavily involved in her children’s education.

Nines Cejudo is an activist and spokesperson for Red Solidaria de Acogida.

Pastora Filigrana García is a human rights lawyer and activist who belongs to the Gypsy Anti-discrimination Network “Rromani Pativ”. She also collaborates with the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT).

Justa Montero is an activist and an expert in gender, immigration, and equality policies. She is part of the Feminist Assembly of Madrid and the State Coordinator of Feminist Organisations.

Soulaima Vázquez is an intercultural mediator and feminist activist who belongs to the collective Alharaca, the aim of which is to raise awareness of racism and Islamophobia.



Thursday, 5 March 2020 / Nouvel Building, Protocol Room

6pm9pm Multidisciplinary Show. Blood Strawberries

A selection of works from the exhibition organised in the Feminist Encounter Space in March 2019 by the Colombine Art Commission, a collective of women which came about in the said space to grant visibility to women and trans women in Madrid’s Central District who want to use their work to defend gender equality. The exhibition was the collective’s response to the report published by the German magazine Correctiv in April 2018, revealing the sexual and workplace abuse reported by Moroccan female labourers who come to pick strawberries in Spanish fields, specifically in Huelva.

6:30pm - A performance, developed by actresses and actors and directed by theatre director Raquel Mesa, and with the collaboration of La Extraña Compañía and La Smorfia Teatro, that calls out the violation of rights, vulnerability and abuses faced by thousands of female field workers, and other sectors, in their day-to-day work, both in Spain and in other neighbouring countries.  

7pm - Video documentary featuring the testimonies of Moroccan women who have reported situations of abuse in the fields.

7:15pm – A conversation with Rahma El Basraoui, Fátima Boubkri, Pastora Filigrana García, Justa Montero and Soulaima Vázquez. Moderated by: Nines Cejudo.