Associated Activities

Seminarios y Conferencias

Museo Reina Sofía, in its role as a vehicle of knowledge and reflection, as well as an impulse for new spaces for experimentation, creation and dissemination of contemporary art, sets in motion a number of diverse lines of thought and debate. The development of research, analysis and debate frameworks which can imbue the narrative of the Collection with an additional dimension, as well as the programming of exhibitions.The setting in motion of discussion forums on key issues of contemporary debate relevant to the museum as an institution dedicated to providing citizens with frameworks for the critical analysis of culture.The experimentation with alternative methods of mediation between the citizens and the museum's proposals, taking up as a starting point the experience of artists and of the agents with whom the museum establishes collaboration.

The Museo is aware that its activities encompass a broad and highly diverse array of institutions and cultural agents, which is why, along with its own lines of research and programming, it also welcomes and supports activities put forward or devised by other institutions, thus giving visibility to independent spaces and collaborating with voices outside art circles. In its related activities, the Museo adopts an approach that differs from its usual programme, with learning, intersecting disciplines and cooperation between institutions the key notions in its development. Therefore, it looks to strengthen other initiatives and help to establish a pluralistic and diverse cultural sphere.