• Poetry, film, humor

    Poetry, film, humor

    Narratives of Exception in the Years of Autarky

    Authors Salvador Albiñana, Pedro G. Romero, Enrique Herreros, Jo Labanyi, Patricia Molins, Francisco Nieva, Javier Ortiz-Echagüe, Rosario Peiró, Jaume Pont, José Luis Rodríguez de la Flor and María Rosón

    Year: 2017
  • Catalogue Pity and Terror

    Pity and Terror

    Picasso’s Path to Guernica

    Authors T. J. Clark, Marisa García Vergara, Jeremy Melius and Anne M. Wagner. Georges Bataille, Anthony Blunt, Carl Einstein, Michel Leiris, Herbert Read and Roland Penrose

    Year: 2017
  • Catalogue Kobro and Strzemiński. Avant-Garde Prototypes

    Kobro and Strzemiński

    Avant-Garde Prototypes

    Authors Jarosław Suchan, Christina Lodder, Gladys C. Fabre, Juan Manuel Bonet. And texts by Kobro and Strzemiński

    Year: 2017
  • Catalogue Franz Erhard Walther. Dialogues

    Franz Erhard Walther


    Authors Erik Verhagen, Yve-Alain Bois, Franz Erhard Walther, João Fernandes and Susanne Richardt

    Year: 2017
  • Esther Ferrer. All Variations Are Valid, Including this One

    Esther Ferrer. All Variations Are Valid, Including this One

    Authors Esther Ferrer, Laurence Rassel, Mar Villaespesa, María Salgado, Patricia Brignone, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux and Carmen G. Muriana

    Year: 2017