Adjungierte Dislokation III


Linz, Austria, 1940
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  • Technique: 
    Recording, photography and drawing
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    Unique work
  • Media description: 
    Closed circuit installation, two cameras, 24 TV monitors, three wood panels, a video-document entitled pro musica nova, 1997 (Digital Betacam and DVD; b/w, sound, 17'20"), a drawing entitled Video Raum Spirale, 1973 (b/w, 34 x 46 cm) and five vintage photographs, 1978 (b/w, 12 x 18 cm)
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    Installation, Performance
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This installation was developed from the work Expanded Cinema Aktion Adjungierte Dislokationen (1973) and from the action Adjungierte Dislokation II, of which it includes, as part of the piece, a series of photographs, a sketch and the recording of the performance. The aim of the works that VALIE EXPORT created in the 1960s under the generic name Expanded Cinema was to explore film as both material and process. The intention of these works was to decode reality as constructed by conventional film language, and to take the cinematographic apparatus into the space and time of a sculptural installation, thus breaking with the two-dimensional plane. In this piece, the inquiry moves to the field of videographic language. The image shown on the monitors does not come from a recording on magnetic tape; it is a closed circuit in which two rotating cameras hanging from the ceiling transmit the image surrounding them to 24 television sets. The environment consists of a quadrangular space, with three of its sides closed by panels, whose lines create a geometric, bichromatic composition. The fourth plane is reserved for the viewer who thus becomes a part of the video sculpture space, an allusion to the Brechtian break in the fourth wall.
VALIE EXPORT, in short, proposes an analysis of the relationship between space and object, sculpture and image, thanks to the possibilities of simultaneity and immediacy offered by video.

Lola Hinojosa

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