Aquí debía figurar la obra de Paz Muro sobre «La primavera y el amor» (The Work of Paz Muro on "Spring and Love" Should Have Appeared Here)

Paz Muro

Cuenca, Spain, n. d.
  • Date: 
    1973 (March 27th)
  • Material: 
  • Technique: 
    Silk screen print and typographic print on paper
  • Descriptive technique: 
    A work made up of silk-screen printing in a vintage frame, three printed pages with the title “Paz Muro Presents, Yes-No, Her Graphic Work 'Spring and Love'" and the catalogue for the exhibition in the Amadís gallery
  • Dimensions: 
    Part 01: 74 x 54 cm / Part 02: 15 x 9 cm / Part 03: 25 cm
  • Category: 
    Installation, Graphic art, Documents
  • Entry date: 
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