Eidos de Bama (Fields of Bama)

Antonio Lamazares

Lalín, Pontevedra, Spain, 1954
  • Series: 
    Eidos de Bama (Fields of Bama)
  • Date: 
  • Technique: 
    Mixed media and painting on paperboard on wood
  • Dimensions: 
    210 x 571 cm
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This painting takes us closer to the imposing image of a landscape created through an aerial view of farmland in Bama, Galicia. Its multiple chromatic nuances of green give the feeling of life that emanates up through the epidermis of the painting, straddling abstraction and figuration. Therefore, it generates in the viewer an aesthetic feeling of enhanced wonderment, chiefly through the sheer size of the work and in bringing to mind brilliant landscapes lived and etched in our memory.

Antonio Lamazares
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