Men I Love

Dora García

Valladolid, Spain, 1965
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    The installation is made up of three hundred and thirty modified copies of "The Herald Tribune", a record player, five LPs, a script, two cards, fifty-seven books, a blank book, a found book, a photograph, two C-prints and two videos
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    Multimedia installation comprising different elements and other works of the artist like: "Lenny’s paper", 2009; "The Great Gastby Read by Andy Kaufman", 2009; "The 60-minute Zoom Identification/Projection", 2009; "Today I Wrote Nothing" (cover), 2009; "Untitled", 2009; "SPK Indeed What The SPK Really Did And Said", 2007; "And Then, Between Two Shots Of The Camera, He’s Gone", 2009; "M*A*S*H" (Adaptation: a Korean-Brechtian version), 2009 and "Where Do Characters Go When The Story Is Over?" (Part I & II), 2009
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