Thadée Natanson et Misia (Thadée Natanson and Misia)

Pierre Bonnard

Fontenay-aux-Roses, France, 1867 - Cannet, France, 1947
  • Date: 
    1906 (circa)
  • Technique: 
    Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 
    130 x 84 cm
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  • Long-term loan of Museo Nacional del Prado

The two people represented in this painting by Pierre Bonnard exemplify the richness of the cultural ambience of Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. Thadée Natanson, from a wealthy banking family of Polish Jews, was co-founder of La revue blanche (The White Review), whose contributors included the most illustrious names in the art world of the time, such as Marcel Proust, Mallarmé and Apollinaire, and whose magazine offices were the meeting place for the painters of the Nabis group. Natanson married Misia Godebska, the daughter of Polish sculptor Cyprien Godebski, and the couple remained together for the time that the magazine was being published. Misia was an energetic supporter as well as muse for the project and, when the couple had split up, La revue blanche’s days were over. However, Misia maintained her links to the art world. Cocó Chanel was a great friend, Toulouse-Lautrec included her in his posters and Bonnard, Vuillard, Renoir and Vallotton all painted her in their pictures. After divorcing a second time, she married the painter Josep María Sert.

Paloma Esteban Leal