Room 104.07 Elena Asins. Fragments of Memory

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Elena Asins (Madrid, 1940 - Azpíroz, Navarra, 2015) was an artist committed to fully conceptual abstraction, underpinned in mathematical structures, the line, and the element of time as rhythm and cadence. In 1988 she wrote: “What I set out to do is try NOT TO SEE in order to see profoundly, in a symbolic transfiguration, in the scarce visuality of a world that the senses find hard to grasp”. In recent years Asins defined the ensemble of her work as a cryptogram the viewer must decipher, whilst certain critics have related it to the formal development of musical notation or dance. Following the retrospective exhibition entitled Fragments of Memory, held in the Museo Reina Sofía in 2011, a homage is once again paid to this artist, who very generously bequeathed her entire body of work to the Museo.