Room 206.09 Front and Rearguard: Women in the Civil War

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The role of women during the Spanish Civil War was at once active and diverse, most notably exemplified in Kati Horna (Budapest, 1912 – Mexico City, 2000) and Gerda Taro (Stuttgart, 1910 – El Escorial, 1937), two photographers who travelled to Spain to cover the armed conflict, disseminating their work in national and international publications such as UmbralRegards and Die Volks-Illustrierte. In the sphere of visual arts, figures such as Pitti (Madrid, 1908 – Pamplona, 2004) and Juana Francisca (Madrid, 1911 – 2008) created graphic art to the backdrop of war, while the role of workers and militiawomen to serve the cause was broadly depicted in different media. In this room, two lines of ongoing research which are key to the Museo Reina Sofía Collection converge: the context of the 1930s and the Spanish Civil War, and the recovery of the work of women artists, often ignored or obscured by the output of their male counterparts.