Program for Advanced Studies in Critical Practices 2013

The Program for Advanced Studies in Critical Practices is intended to serve as a catalyst, with the hope of bringing about critical mass and articulating lines of thought capable of addressing the complexities of contemporary art and culture. The course is aimed at students with different profiles: artists, University researchers, architects and activists, and others who share an interest in creating imaginative tools with which to intervene in today's current situation of crisis and transformation.

In 2013 the course is comprised of three programs (all of which run from January to June) in which enrolled students will come into close contact with the debates and critical practices of greatest relevance, led by the very thinkers, artists and activists, from Spain and other countries, who are producing such knowledge. The following three programs are offered:

The new models of theatricality, arising in the junction between theatricality as an artistic or discursive tool and the various forms of social theatricality, in the course directed by the research group Artea.
The metropolis in a time of urban transformation and political tension, in the course designed by Observatorio Metropolitano.
The body as a political and cultural archive, in the course directed by Beatriz Preciado with the collaboration of Lucas Platero and David Berna.

Each program involves 150 hours of work, distributed among class hours, assigned reading and projects. The programs require regular attendence (please see calendars) and a final research project the subject of which is to be agreed with the course directors. Museo Reina Sofía, as an official Research Centre, will issue students who complete the course a certificate in recognition of the 150 hours of coursework.


150 hours between January and June (projects to be handed in during the month of September)

Intended for

artists, University researchers, activists…

Organised by

Museo Reina Sofía


Museo Reina Sofía (some sessions may be held in a different place, to be announced). Admission: free of charge. Please check the places available and the registration method and deadlines detailed in the specific page of each program. 



A Study Centre program sponsored by  Fundación Banco Santander.