The Museo has started to produce videos that will provide users with the contents of its programme of activities and exhibitions, in addition to the work of its professionals and the opinions of visitors. Whenever new videos are produced they will be integrated into the multimedia archive on the website.

The videos featured on education activities capture visitors’ experiences and activities as they happen, as well as reflecting their opinions and contributions. Equally, these videos delve deeper into the different elements that make up an activity, for instance the basis of their theoretical assertions, their contents and the role performed by each person involved.

The videos being produced include a standout series dealing with successive “artist’s workshops” for children, offered by the Museo every summer since 2011. Each video highlights the individual viewpoint and perspective of a young artist and the key parts of their collaboration with the Museo, as well as their relationship with the groups of children they have worked with. Other cases, for instance in videos devoted to collaboration projects, feature the different voices of the people involved, bearing witness to the collective and shared nature of these types of projects. Thus, the Conect@ video gains particular relevance as it is produced from the recording made by the collective of people with learning disabilities carrying out the project.

This section also includes radio podcasts about the education programmes, with Museo Reina Sofía radio (RRS) the ideal medium to provide information on all those activities where sound is particularly relevant. The podcasts Ecos (Echoes), in which the workshop for primary school children can be heard, and the family audio guide ¿Te suena? (Sound Familiar?) are both cases in point.