The Museo works closely with diverse collectives and professionals to develop and share education projects. Establishing links with the community, maintained over time, enables mutual enrichment and an exchange of experience and knowledge between the different agents participating in each project, be it visitors, volunteers or professionals from inside and outside the Museo. Therefore, all of the members that make up a project, irrespective of their specific role, become co-creators and co-participants in the education process.

The Museo’s Cultural Volunteers Project already has twenty years under its belt. The group of volunteers is made up of senior citizens who offer guided tours for school groups and elderly people; therefore, the volunteers receive and transmit training offered by the Museo, acting as a nexus between the artworks in the Museo and diverse generations. This same transfer takes place in another education project, Equipo, which involves the participation of young people aged between 16 and 21, with the experience and training these young people acquire in the Museo enabling them to design activities for other young people as well as guiding them in the role of educators.

The other two projects currently imparted by the Museo belong to the framework of inclusive work with people with learning disabilities. The Conect@ project aim to ensure the effective participation, visibility and cultural contributions of people with learning disabilities using new technology as a tool. The project New Audiences/New Creators (pending publication on the website), in which the Museo participates with the Department of Education from the Madrid Community, fosters shared experience and joint work between students with diverse skills, based on the creation and experience of art as a process of shared learning.