Publications and Resources

The Museo’s education service has, practically from the very start, promoted the release of diverse educational publications. This section presents the publications edited from 1994 to the present day, and distributed in sections, depending on the target reader.

Every guided visit with children offers a different tour in order for children and adults alike to independently delve deeper into the Museo Reina Sofía Collection, observing, reading and entering into dialogue together. The tours and educational proposals that feature in these guides can also be particularly useful for the preparation of visits with Primary School pupils. On the other side, in the section Guides for school visits a range of dossiers are available for download to teachers of Infant, Primary and Secondary School pupils and include observations on a selection of works from the Collection, offering teaching guidelines for work in the Museo and in the classroom.

Equally, Visits for Adults can also be downloaded and offer diverse readings of the Collection centred on transversal themes such as feminism, the role of the artist and the relationship between visual and performance arts. Visitors can download these visits or ask for them at the Information Points inside the Museo.

Other publications were also released between 1994 and 2008 and grouped under collections with one uniform meaning. These include Exercise Books, which deal with content related to temporary exhibitions in the Museo’s exhibition programme.  

Some of these publications are on sale in the catalogue in the La Central bookshop, while others are distributed, free of charge, by the department of education and are available upon request. The detailed content and availability of each publication can be found in the corresponding catalogue description, or by writing to: