Young People

The Museo encourages the participation of young people aged between 13 and 20 via diverse initiatives. Given that the potential for the transformation of future society lies with young people, the activities and education projects aim to prompt them to take an active role and use their initiative and decision-making skills.

The Museo Reina Sofía develops three different programmes with young people that are progressively more intensive in terms of the commitment and involvement between the young person and the Museo. The <18 Programme, with the participation of young people aged 13 and upwards, is devised as a gateway to contemporary art and its content. The workshops that make up the programme encourage young people to question, express ideas, debate, participate in group dynamics and put together creative proposals.

For people aged between 16 and 20 there is a programme of workshops with artists, approached as shared creative experiences. Over a number of days, young people work with an artist and spend time on collective creation, deciding upon both the project to undertake and the resources to execute it. The programme explores the social and relational dimension of learning, fostering collaborations that are enriching for participants and artists alike.

Finally, the Equipo programme generates strong and long-lasting ties between young people and the Museo – Equipo is an education programme for young people aged between 16 and 21. On different Saturdays, the participants discover how the Museo is run, interview artists and professionals, take part in debates and workshops and take on the role of educators in the <18 Programme. The experience they gain allows them to act as a bridge between the Museo and other young people, for whom they design open activities at least twice a year.