Eulàlia Valldosera


4 february, 2009 - 13 april, 2009 /
Nouvel Building, Floor 0

This exhibition reviews Eulalia Valldosera’s (Vilafranca del Penedes, 1963) career, since its inceptions in the late eighties. Her work is characterised by installations and actions that project light where her intention is not to create an object to be observed, but to interact with the spectator.

Dependences, the new work that gives its name to and articulates the exhibition, is a monumental piece with which the audience interacts with supermarket trolleys containing video projectors. With it the artist takes up the theme of filming devices and staging, promoting tactile, auditory and playful aspects. The title refers on one hand to the body’s dependencies where life unfolds and to their "primitive stages": motherhood, sex, love or disease. In turn it refers to the emotional dependency of certain mechanisms that construct and define our way of looking and acting.

Valldosera studies in Barcelona and then moves to Holland where she begins to create work with a conceptual style related to the body and self-representation, while she investigates the formal aspects of artwork and its balance between the material and the immaterial. The artist places her work fleeing the spatial norms that minimalism imposed on the distribution of subjects, objects and space during the early sixties and creates a whole group of works entitled Appearances, which use light as a fundamental element, combining packaging and cleaning products through simple projections. Sequentiality and light are elements which allow us, the spectator, to establish a language through shadows and talk about our private environment, using poor materials and simple meanings. The result is embodied in installations that provoke a magical effect on the spectator who immerses themself until finding the link between the objects and perceiving another dimension to the piece.

In this exhibition visitors can interact with some packages that the artist manipulates in order to make them containers of experiences that some people would like to erase from their lives, while others instead allow us to simply record them. The exhibition also exhibits original works under-represented in previous exhibitions, such as drawings, photographs or mono-channel videos that have subsequently been very important in the development of her career.

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Organized by: 
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
Nuria Enguita