Archipelago is a new series of concerts that views listening at once as a form of knowledge and aesthetic enjoyment. In this, the first edition, Archipelago is enveloped in drone and minimalist music, exploring its influences and unexpected offshoots.

The programme welcomes the Japanese musician and artist Yoshi Wada, linked to Fluxus, and his son Tashi Wada, who works with experimental music, art and interdisciplinary performance. They perform in this session a specific piece with the collaboration of the percussionist Ingar Zach and the Banda de Gaitas Lume of Biqueira.
To complete the session, Damián Schwartz, producer, DJ and artist based in Madrid explores the edgier side of dance music, relating figures such as Jamal Moss and his more experimental strands to composers such as Terry Riley and Robert Ashley.

Archipelago 2017. Yoshi and Tashi Wada + Damián Schwartz

23 april, 2018
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