Feminist Revolt in the Museum


Programme around March 8

Cromoactivismo, action within the framework of 8M 2017, Buenos Aires. Cromoactivismo Archive

Cromoactivismo, action within the framework of 8M 2017, Buenos Aires. Cromoactivismo Archive

Therefore, this programme sees the Museo Reina Sofía bring together an ensemble of initiatives that will be held over the coming months (from lectures and workshops, exhibitions and digital projects, to guided tours and presentations of the Collection), encompassing the wide-ranging forms of feminist revolt present in our day-to-day. An unremitting and unstoppable force that irreversibly transfigures the idea and practice of the political, opening the door to emancipated subjectivities and the cracks of a(nother) future.



Oh, Pioneers!  
A Defiant Muse Film Society

María Galindo 
The Invisible Cage

Situated Voices 11
The Cost of Strawberries. Twenty-first-century Female Slaves

Graphic Bursts 2. A Voice to Movements of Desire
Workshop with Queer Screen-printers

Graphic Bursts 3. I’m Stopping! Dancing Struggles
Workshop with Lapili

The New Reaction. Antidotes and Synergies 1 Feminisms and Intersectional Alliances Opposite Hate as Politics
Conversation and workshop with Renata Souza, Esther Solano Gallego and Mattin

I’m Tired! Stops to Question Art and Work, Work and Life 1
Encounter with Marta Echaves and Julia Montilla

Pink Triangle 3
Encounter with Miquel Missé

Encounter with Concha Jerez

Without Women the World Stays Still  
Conversation between Silvia Federici and Rafaela Pimentel

The New Reaction. Antidotes and Synergies 2 The Demonisation of Feminism. The Instrumental Use of Women’s Rights
Round-table discussion

I’m Sick and Tired! Stops to Examine Art and Work, Work and Life 2
Lecture by Byung Chul


Politics and the Aesthetics of Memory Chair

Fissured Memories and Imaginaries of Revolt  
Curator: Nelly Richard

The Powers of Memory in the Little Things
Lecture by Judith Butler

Memory’s Re-volts
Documentary Film in the Aftermath of Dictatorships in Spain, Chile and Argentina

Imaginaries of Revolt
Seminar conducted by Nelly Richard

Memories of a Rebel
Conversation between Carmen Castillo and Nelly Richard



Our Many Europes Research Residencies

Emerging Knowledge 2
Feminist Cartographies. Morocco


Study Groups

Driving Evil Away
Around Pharmacologization and Contemporary Disturbances

The Internal (Intimate-Revolutions) Mobilisation Button Regarding Maternal Work


Digital Projects

Outside the Canon. Pop Artists in Spain
Microsite around the Collection

Interview with Miriam Cahn

Interview with Natalia Iguiñiz


RRS Radio

Meira Asher 
Tansik (تنسيق / coordination)

Bill Dietz y Hong-Kai Wang 
Singing is what makes work possible (Syllabus)

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