Ignasi Aballí

sin principio / sin final - whitout beginning / whitout end

Ignasi Aballí. sin principio / sin final  - whitout beginning / whitout end

Authors Ignasi Aballí, João Fernandes

A book that accompanies an exhibition, but that it's in itself another work. The artist Ignacio Aballí (Barcelona, 1958) talks with curator João Fernandes about the creative process of his work, exploring the ways in which he classifies the world, questioning the conventions of art and the museum. On the other hand the images that accompany the text underline this idea and challenge readers to test their powers of observation. A compilation of photographs of works, books and listings scale 1: 1 where the time is revealed as an essential tool for understanding the artistic discourse.


Price 50.00€

  • Year: 2015
  • Type: Catalogue
  • Binding: Box
  • Format: 24 x 32
  • Pages: 492
  • Language: English/Spanish
  • ISBN: 978-84-8026-529-4
  • NIPO: 036-15-035-1
  • Edited by: Departamento de Actividades Editoriales del MNCARS