Pedro G. Romero

Versifying Machines. Indices, Dispositives, Apparatus

Authors Manuel Borja-Villel, Georges Didi-Huberman, Pedro G. Romero, Isabel de Naverán, Valentín Roma, Andrea Soto Calderón and Joaquín Vázquez

Following a chronological and transversal line, Versifying Machines surveys nearly four decades of the vast production and unique and almost unclassifiable art-making of Pedro G. Romero (Aracena, Huelva, 1964). It highlights the political and social context the artist works from, and the main themes of research that form the spine of his work: critical theory, cultural studies, flamenco and popular culture imagery, all of which is linked to the ideological use of images.

This publication, featuring a conversation between Pedro G. Romero and Joaquín Vázquez and with reflections from Naverán, Valentín Roma and Andrea Soto Calderón, reveals the dimensions of the artist’s procedural work, in addition to the tools, strategies and relations he established to carry it out; a decompartmentalised practice, where the artistic operation is inseparable from his work as a critic, editor, producer and curator. This orchestrated narrative presages not only the pivotal role the collaborative and the relational play in his devices, but also the importance of archive in the most recent phase of his oeuvre. The book is completed with a contribution by Georges Didi-Huberman.

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  • Year: 2022
  • Type: Exhibition Catalogue
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Format: 21 x 24 cm
  • Pages: 356
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-84-8026-633-8
  • NIPO: 828-21-013-0
  • Edited by: Museo Reina Sofía
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