New regulations for accessing the Museo Reina Sofía Library and Central Archive

Covid-19 health emergency

General Information

Until further notice, to consult the Library and Central archive prior appointments must be made by writing to:

  • (for consulting Library material).

  • (for consulting Central Archive material). Localised documents of interest will be issued, with a scheduled appointment for consultation and a request form, which must be completed by members before arrival to avoid the handling of documents. A maximum of 5 installed items can be consulted to avoid the over-circulation of boxes. The reproduction service for special materials (photographs, plans…) is currently unavailable.

  • (to visit Space D). Guided visits will be conduct to the documentary exhibitions of Space D. The visits must be requested in advance and will be carried out at the time established for it. The capacity of participants per visit will be limited to 5 visitors due to the small size of the exhibition hall.



  • The Library Card must be used to access the Library (except for Space D), and using the digital Library Card is recommended.
  • Masks must be worn inside the facilities.
  • Safe distancing must be upheld.
  • The use of lockers, drawers, touch screens and sofas in the control area has been temporarily withdrawn.
  • To access facilities, Library members must go to the control area, where they will be given a plastic bag in which to place their belongings. Upon entering and leaving, the bag will be checked by the security scanner.
  • Members with belongings that are too large to fit into the aforementioned plastic bags (backpacks, large handbags, etc.) will be able to access the Library with them, although the items must be checked by the security scanner first.
  • The Museo is not responsible for personal objects members leave inside the Library.
  • In order to guarantee the conservation of the collections, the Library cannot be accessed with food or drink, umbrellas, or pointed or sharp objects.
  • Once inside the Library, members must go to the desk on Floor -1, where their appointment will be processed.   
  • Mobile phones must be set to silent mode.
  • We recommend frequently washing your hands/gloves with hand sanitiser, which in turn must have evaporated before documents are handled to avoid them being permanently damaged.
  • Self-service photocopying is temporarily unavailable in the reading room. The reproduction of previously photocopiable documents can be made with Library members’ mobile phones, duly informing the librarians of the number of pages photographed, and without exceeding 10% of the work in question.  
  • The reproduction of materials and special collections is still managed through the Document Access Service, with the corresponding email address:
  • Direct access to collections in the reading rooms is temporarily unavailable. The service is also managed by prior appointment in order to guarantee the availability of holdings given the obligation to place consulted materials in quarantine. 
  • The use of iPads has been temporarily suspended. For public computers, just 4 computers are available on FLOOR -1.
  • The reading room on Floor -1 has a capacity of 24 spaces, with the following layout:
    · 10 study spaces, until full capacity is reached during morning and afternoon/evening time slots (prior appointments not required)
    · 14 spaces to consult holdings, to be booked during morning and afternoon/evening time slots by prior appointment at
  • Floor capacity +1 is temporarily out of service.
  • All holdings consulted will enter a 7-day quarantine period and cannot be used again before this time period has concluded. The service to reserve copies to be consulted over a number of days has been suspended.
  • The use of meeting rooms and guided tours around the Library have all been suspended.
  • Receiving donations of physical documents has been put on hold.

Photographing with mobile devices in the Library’s reading room

By virtue of the licence undersigned by MNCARS and CEDRO, photography using mobile devices will be allowed under the specific conditions stipulated below.

For conservation purposes, the use of mobile phones to take photographs of the Library’s holdings will only be permitted for free-access books in the reading rooms (Floors +1 and -1) and books conserved in repositories with the reference codes MAN, DUP, SUPERMAN, Box Booklets, Large Booklets, VAR* and CS.

The use of mobiles for this purpose is subject to the following regulations:  

  • Photographs must be taken in the designated place at the table for consulting special collections, in front of the Library staff’s table.
  • This authorisation does not cover (and, therefore, does not allow photographs of) sheet music, and graphic or photographic creations.  
  • A maximum of 10% of the work can be photographed.
  • Members must fill out and hand in the corresponding form to Library staff, indicating the reference code, barcode and the number of pages photographed/item (for the purposes of fulfilling the CEDRO licence by MNCARS).
  • Photographing parts so that the total constitutes a unit or compendium is not authorised. 
  • The use of photographs will only be in a personal capacity and for study/research purposes.
  • The terms and conditions outlined in the CEDRO licence will be available to Library members.
Floor capacity +1 is temporarily out of service.