Before your visit

  • Before your visit, please check the opening hours and ticket prices section given that there are different types of tickets and opening times for the main venues (Sabatini and Nouvel Buildings) and the venues in the Retiro Park (Palacios de Velázquez and Cristal).
  • It is important that adults keep the children at their side, avoiding them to touch the works of art in the galleries.
  • Due to conservation measures, the exhibition rooms must be kept at a constant temperature of 21º Celsius. Given the temperature inside the Museo, an item of warm clothing in summer is recommended.
  • Animals are not allowed to enter in any of the branches of the Museo. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed through the submission of the relevant documents beforehand.
  • The access section is very useful for seeing the different locations and access points, as well as the routes between venues.
  • On the website there is detailed information on both the Collection and current, future and past exhibitions. Moreover, all content is interconnected, with complete exhibition information sheets and information about the artists and the bibliographical relationships tying them together.
  • The Multimedia section contains video, audio materials and podcasts related to the programmed events inside the Museo: the Collection, temporary exhibitions and activities.

Plan your visit